New season, new look, meet our new omni | melts with essential oils


Fill your home with captivating aromas with our gorgeous essential oil melts made with rapeseed & coconut wax.


Each omni | melts box includes 12 individually wrapped 5g melts infused with aromatherapy benefits.


6 omni | melts boxes to choose from -


Aura - Freshen your senses with a cool blend of lemon, peppermint and tea tree essential oils. Aroma - Fresh & Citrus.


Eros - Warm your senses with this gorgeous blend of rose, neroli, black pepper and a hint of geranium essential oils.. Aroma - Floral & Spicy.


Freyr - Link your senses with a sensual blend of frankincense, rose wood, patchouli and lavender essential oils. Aroma - Warm & Floral.


Hotei - Energise your senses with the perfect blend of orange, ylang-ylang, clary sage and bergamot essential oils. Aroma - Citrus & Herbal.


Osiris - Awaken your senses with this earthy blend of geranium, basil, patchouli and lavender essential oils. Aroma - Woody & Floral.


Zeus - Stimulate and revitalise your senses with the perfect blend of lime, grapefruit, nutmeg and cinnamon essential oils. Aroma - Citrus & Spicy


All omni | melts have no food colourings or any plastics or glitter | All essential oil melts are made with rapeseed & coconut wax blend infused with premium essential oils.


Each melt piece will average 4-8 hours of aroma. All melts aroma strength is medium. Let your home fill with our captivating essential oil aromas as you truly relax and unwind.


An oil burner or electric aroma lamp are needed to melt the wax melts. Place 1 or 2 melts from our omni | melts box to create the perfect aromas for your room.


Sit back and let the melt work its magic.


Remember to never leave a candle unattended.


All omni | melts are vegan, cruelty-free and phthalate-free.


Info - Rapeseed & coconut oil wax blend wax is blended in Europe and is made from rapeseed oil and coconut oil and nothing else. It is completely free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax and synthetic additives.

omni | melts made with rapeseed & coconut wax

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