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Get a brand new omni | wax melt box delivered to your address every month.

Choose the melts you want every month or let us surprise you every month. 

Truly experience the difference with our gorgeous aromas that will fill your home.


  • A new omni | melts box every month.
  • Aromatherapy benefits.
  • 12 individually wrapped melts infused with essential oils.
  • 6 omni | melts boxes to choose from and new scents to try before anyone else.
  • Get a top up omni | melts box for just £5 whenever you need.
  • Fill your home as you truly unwind and relax.
  • Pause | cancel annytime.
  • Made with rapeseed & coconut wax | vegan
  • Free UK delivery.


This listing is the same as our omni - plans and are currently trialing to see if it is betetr to have plans in our store instead of a seperate page.


If you'd like to choose the date your plan starts please click here - omni | plans 

omni | melts plan - aromatherapy wax melts

Aromatherapy Choice
Price Options
omni | melts plan
essential oils | made with rapeseed & coconut wax
£6.99monthly/ auto-renew