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So we're going to be talking about that special feeling, when you've sold your first product.

Within the first few days we had so many visits on our site from all over the UK. I had my fingers crossed everytime hoping someone would buy something. Boom! 2nd August we had our first sale! The Mr & Mrs Squished Wedding Hamper at £65!

I've always thought the first one would be the most special, but every single time I've had an order every gift hamper has been special in its own way.

So the idea and the concept behind how my hampers are packaged: we use only one tradtional item - wood wool just to add some bounce and protection for our Squish products. We layer our products in ways they're protected but also look to have been Squished together. The idea is to start from the top taking your items out one by one to see more items and then even more - let's call it the ultimate Russian Doll for now lol but we're going to call it #Squishing. The gallery above shows how many items which were intended to fit inside our hamper basket and we succeeded - go on have a look above.

Back to the hamper - the main reason you'd buy from us is usually "oh everythings packaged together in one place why look for anything else, right?" Wrong.

You can always add more and more to our Squish Gift Hampers, because we allow just enough space for little tweaks. We aren't traditional where the wicker basket has 4 slots and 4 items. You can add, rearrange and make it as personal and special as you please.

Don't get me wrong, I arrange it in a way that it looks amazing lol. However everyone has different ideas and tastes - which I'm cool with I want to learn as I go along, I want to make each hamper as unique as the last.

My first ever customers sent in a few photos of what they did (in the gallery above)

I encourage anyone buying from our site to post in pictures of what they've done differently - I'm all eyes and ears here!

I want to be inspired, get sending!

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