Milestones Achieved!

We haven't had much time to do a blog in a while - we're so sorry!

We've been very busy pushing our business and fulfilling orders.

Lets share some amazing news....

Milestone - May 2020 - we passed 200 orders! We never thought it would have happened within two years (we're real optimists, lol) with your help we passed a huge milestone and it means the world to us! You're really helping a small independent store during these unprecedented times. (Sorry - we had to mention the word unprecedented - as it's been used so much)

Milestone - Our GAINS membership has been a massive success! We're close to 100 members who have signed up! We only started our GAINS membership in April - WOW! Thank you to all our new and loyal customers.

Our GAINS membership is their to reward our customers with discounts, exclusive sales as well as earn badges and give you the power to start your own discussion on our site.

Milestone - We've gained 400+ subscribers! - Not sure if we should be sharing such numbers, but thank you so much for being part of Squish Gifts - We cannot be us without you all!

Milestone - omni - our luxury handmade candles | melts | diffusers have been a huge hit! We're so happy they've been so successful in the short space of time amongst our customers! Made with passion, adding some luxury all matched with a brilliant price. Live the scent today.

Milestone - Packaging - We only use cardboard boxes + use our suppliers boxes for our packaging (as we like to believe every cardboard box can be used more than once) and we only buy recycled mailer bags - as we continue to be as sustainable as possible.

All the money you spent on our website has been re-invested back on buying new products or re-stocking products which were out of stock. We're not a business with lots of money to spend on huge quantities, but we're trying to create a hub where you can find something perfect for any occasion.

More news...

As this pandemic continues we will continue to support our NHS + key workers with extra discount as a thank you for all their efforts. We will continue this for the rest of the year and we will not forget.

It's nearly been two years that we started our business and we've grown strength to strength because of you our customers. You've browsed, subscribed, ordered and returned we are hugely thankful to you all and you have made Squish Gifts possible!

So there you are... Thank you for reading and being part of Squish Gifts :)


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