Let's become sustainable

It's all about re-using, get rid of plastic and so on. It's a difficult process to get plastic out of our lives - we use it for everything.

At Squish Gifts we're pledging to use less plastic, such as how we send out items, to what we sell. We want to be ethical and sell products which can be re-used and made of natural stuff. Let's talk wood, marble, metal, glass and so on.

Our mailer bags are 100% recycled - we loved recycled stuff. We will either send our orders in mailer bags or cardboard boxes, no excessive packaging like you get on Amazon; where you have a huge box for the smallest item ever. We will bubble wrap our stuff as a precaution due to the stories or handling of delivery services we use.

We will only source items which will be useful, not a one hit wonder where you will end up binning your order. Our main reason for this blog is firstly - it's been ages and we are still alive, but also just to give an idea as we grow how we want to help the environment.

So if we can try to be a little more sustainable, we want you to have our products which we've carefully thought about before we've bought them so you can use a little less plastic. (Confusing right, but I hope you get what we're talking about)

Ethical, Sustainable, Re-useable. Our new slogan when we source and sell.

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