It's Been A While.. Behind The Scenes and What 2019 Is Going To Be About.

It's been such a long time since I've done a new post, so let's give you an update what's been happening behind the scenes.

Behind The Scene

I've been so busy updating this amazing site and a few other things that I lost track of everything.

I set up on Etsy - Amazing start so far with 5 sales and taking a good chunk of money. Thank you to the customers for buying and responding so positively to our Hampers/kits. It means so much to me and what I'm doing. This year (2019) is going to be the year I push myself to get my artistic skills in check as I'm going to be creating handcrafted items.

I set up eBay - well to be honest that hasn't really been great the fees are crazy! We haven't been as well received as I thought it would have. I guess it's not where our customer base would shop. The plan is to soon close down and focus on other marketplace - drum roll.. Amazon ;)

You know it seems so easy to set up on a marketplace, but as we have a unique concept it's very difficult. Many marketplaces usually need barcodes at Squish Gifts we have no such thing, as we bundle single items to make one big gift, so that has been a little hurdle which I'm trying to get over soon. So fingers crossed you see us on Amazon shortly. Maybe not with Prime, not so quickly anyways.


What the plan is this year - new partners, better qaulity gifts and expanding into homeware gifts!

We've got better items from amazing brands which we can unveil right now and we still got more to come! Chickidee, Sass & Belle, SIL, NPW, and a few others I'm waiting on. You'll see an update as I'm so excited to be featuring as well as selling some amazing branded stuff on this site.

If all goes to plan you're going to see some amazing brands sitting together which could be bundled to together instead of searching all over the internet to buy single items. Let's see if I get the right gifts for everyone's taste.

We've got more quirky hampers to come! We're going to be refreshing our hampers and let you create your own, which is something I also introduced towards the end of the year! Create Your Own Hamper a lot of effort went into it and I'm hoping we get more products as well as more appeal soon.

As you've read.. So much has been happening behind the scenes and it would be amazing if we get more sales through this site - I know trust is huge especially online as it's difficult to trust sites, however our payment system here is encrypted and secure I've partnered with Stripe (the online payment company which ASOS and other massive brands use) & PayPal which is so convenient for so many people. I work in retail and would love more people to be more confident buying from my site, as an independent retailer and every little helps (hope Tesco doesn't sue me lol)

Hope you enjoyed the read and my little beg. Till next time! Enjoy the experience at Squish Gifts!


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