Invoices are out.


As we're trying to be as sustainable as possible we have taken the decision to not print invoices any longer. At the end of the day who actually looks at the invoice? We only take a sneak peak when there's an issue, right?

Invoices are very important, but as we're an online business - all invoices are sent electronically straight into your email account. Please always check your spam | junk mail when you've made an order - so you have proof of purchase and if there are any problems.

Oh, we always included a promo code in our invoices - we may put in a little slip (A6 size) in your order or we will leave our promo codes in our customer service page | cart or you're always welcome to leave a message in our chat and we may just give you a special promo code :)

This little change will make a little difference in a positive way.

Thank you for reading as always.


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