Introducing GAINS.

Updated: Jun 29

Join GAINS today. It's our new membership program where you get rewarded for ordering with us. If your on a desktop/ laptop you can join by click 'become a GAINS member' top right, it will prompt a new account log in. For mobile users please click on the menu button located on the top left and click 'become a GAINS member' and follow the new account log in.

We wanted our customers to have a place where they have their own space. All sites have this feature, but we're sure not many will give away rewards like we will. The sense of belonging to our site means a lot to us. This is our club and we want as many people to join it as possible and gain something special.

Let's introduce the features when you join our members club.

You'll be able to do the following:

  • Earn badges.

  • Get rewards.

  • See all your orders in one place.

  • Create an address book.

  • Store payment methods.

  • Create blog posts.

  • Create a wishlist.

  • Speak with other members online.

Right, there is a lot to go through most of it is standard, just like any retailer where you create an account.

So GAINS is all about gaining extras, being part of a club which is nothing like you've seen before.

Badges - we've created lots of badges which you earn with orders, the types of orders you make, when you add a blog post, creating wishlists + more. The more you log in, the more involved you become the more you'll earn.

Rewards - once you join you earn discounts exclusively for our GAINS members. No one else will gain these exclusive discounts. We want to look after our GAIN members and that's why we've made GAINS. As you continue to order with us and gain your badges and the discounts will grow with exclusive offers throughout the year. Promo codes, exclusive offers, buy one get one free, 3 for 2 and so on.

Wishlists - this was one thing we really wanted to add on to our website and we can finally say it's now available to all GAIN members. You'll be able to create wishlists and keep an eye on price changes and etc. Anything you save on to your wishlist is like something to save for later and now it's a feature so go wild and use it :)

Blog Posts - as an official member you'll be able to create blog posts and talk about your orders, a product you'd like to see on our site or whatever you want to blog about which relates to us. You'll earn badges for doing so too. You'll also be able to comment on blogs and make it a somewhat lost art of forums.

Members chat - a feature which will become our own messaging app as we continue to grow. Talking to one another will make it more personal and you can speak with other members when they're online too.

What are you waiting for? Join GAINS today and get 30% off with no minimum spend. That's just a welcome offer.. you won't know what you'll be rewarded next or what badges you'll earn till you join.

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