How it's Squished together

Well.. a lot of people ask how is it all done?

Most traditional hampers display a few items in a set place, not us. We've come a long way from that,

We squish as many items together, use our space efficiently and still make it look amazing.

Have a look at our time lapse video to see exactly how it's all done.

The one item we have to admit to using is wood

wool - it's just genius. It creates a sense of tradition, as well as a great little touch to our Quirky Hampers.

We layer our items one by one so we have layers of presents.

Starting from the top - we display our special message for our customer, we then layer a set of presents again for them to take out, then we get to the next layer and so on.. till you reach the bottom to have an empty basket for you to do what you'd like. We just hope everything comes to good use ;)

Hope you're enjoying our experience so far. We've got so much more to do yet.. keep visiting us to see all the exciting stuff we're doing.

Kind Regards,


So what do you think.. Do you think we need to modify anything or do you like what we're doing? Please email us any suggestions.

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