How it All Began

On Monday morning it all clicked, cliche, right?

For months I thought of ideas on what to do with my time. I needed motivation, I lacked it for some time and I really got an ear load from my partner who really drilled in that I was talented (could you actually believe that)?

So I started looking at wholesalers/ Amazon/ eBay & around the internet from China, UK and wherever else in the World - I had a decent start point, but it was product overload. It was so overwhelming that I actually lost interest.

A month later I didn't want to give up that little spark that was inside me to do something special. I started listing my ideas once again, as well as what I wanted to do with the experience I've gained from work and my education (owning a business was always a dream btw). I started to find products that were different, not really available in the UK. The concept was not to just be another seller selling the same things as another seller and undercutting them (not me).

If I was going all in - I wanted it to be unique & different. It needed to have a twist, be quirky but at the same time be fun whilst doing it. The concept jumped at me - why sell one item when you can bundle items that belong together and create one big gift with many items squished together?!

My partner had a situation where she couldn't find a gift hamper for her friends who recently got married - with all types of hampers being meh or had alcohol or foods which really didn't suit the couple. It really surprised me that gift hampers have not changed, especially when we live in the smart era.

May 2018 - I started buying the items that would eventually be part of all the hampers you see today. Items (tick) Name? I wanted the company name to start with S (weird, right?) The idea was there to put things together. As my partner was around she started listing names like Hampers & co.. erm no! That was not what I was looking for lol. We started listing names starting with S -

  • Squeeze (hmmmm)

  • Squash (felt a bit too serious)

  • Squish - we had a winner!

I did a bit of research and was taken so was Squish ltd - so I continued on to find a domain as well as a name and it was official - Squish Gifts (it has a certain ring to it, doesnt it ;)

Well the items were incoming, name was sorted. I had to grab my names on social media (we're talking FB, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest) before they were taken.

Shockingly I was the first to have Squish Gifts as a name out of the billions of people #winning

I needed a website - believe it or not had a sale on its e-store format (woooo) and I signed up and I didn't look back. It was my first time designing a website it took around 3 months in my spare time to complete. I tried to polish every little detail, I wanted perfection and here you are reading up on the beginnings of how it all unfolded on the Squish Gifts website. Business cards (tick) you'll all recieve my amazing recycled brown card Squish Gifts business card with every order so you don't forget about us.

23rd July 2018 - Photoshoot - a fun couple of days, I took around 300 photos of my items and the Squish Gift Hampers and Kits ready for the launch. I'm not going to lie I became so passionate for my little concept, which was so close to becoming reality.

Till that one moment where I decided to upload everything onto my iMac - All gone! Deleted! Without a trace! All the hard work putting together all the items for all those photos gone within a second. I've actually never been so angry lol I can laugh about it now but wow I was pissed. I tried to recover what I could with some software but they ended up being small thumbnails (useless). That day I retook every single photo again - 7 hours of non stop photo taking trying to get the same quality of photos I took previously - I guess I did an okay job in the end. I learnt a life lesson only upload with a windows lol. All 350 photos were officially uploaded (woop woop).

1st August 2018 - officially launched and gained over 500 unique visits from all over the world (mainly the UK) Talk about a busy month.

As I said earlier I didn't just want to sell what other sellers had - I wanted to do it properly, I wanted my concept to be so different that when someone came on to this site you were;

  • Impressed,

  • Understood the concept,

  • Felt wow this is a new and a fresh take on gift hampers.

It's been a month now and we're still adding to the website. I want the Squish Gifts name to reach out to more people, I want everyone to know about it and feel how unique and special this idea really is. I've said a lot of I but it's really all about you now. I created this because there really isn't anything out there like this, but only you can grow it and without you there really is no Squish Gifts so lets do this together! Let's make sure one persons concept makes all the difference in how we start gifting now.

Thank you for reading.


This was how it all began - but now it's about how to keep on growing! Support us on social media by click the social link on the toolbar and like us @SquishGifts #WeGiftDifferently (yep, thats our hashtag)


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