Fresh 'n Rebel - OMG

Well this was a huge surprise even for us. A few weeks ago I wrote to Fresh 'n Rebel to see if we could sell their premium products at Squish Gifts.

Well yeah, they said yes - obviously :)

What shocked me the most, was how tight gripped on who could be their resellers as we found out from Hama. Hama are a huge brand in Europe and I had a 3 hour meeting with them and the experience was great. Money was spent but the products are brilliant.

I was told Fresh 'n Rebel stopped letting resellers selling their products as it damaged their name (sellers from amazon and eBay, of course) As I look away from Amazon and giants like eBay it's just impossible to work with them yet sell on their platforms. it's shark eat shark world out there. It's so great we've go this website as a huge platform as we advertise our amazing site it's simplicity and so on that a big brand such as Fresh 'n Rebel has trusted us to sell their products directly at Squish Gifts.

Our Hama rep told me whatever your wrote to Fresh 'n Rebel worked and I want Fresh 'n Rebel to have another outlet on our site as their products truly are stylish, affordable and just what we need with the best tech available in the market.

I've tried to get as many possible products from Fresh 'n Rebel to test the waters and let's hope you love them.

If you need any help to decide on which product would be better, please don't hesitate to email us at

Thank you once again for reading. And yes I know there may be a few mistakes in this blog but hey - It's just excitement lol

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