Ended. Find the summer cocktail - play our latest game for 35% off

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Our little game has now ended. Thank you to everyone who found our fav cocktails. Till next time.

We had so much fun with our Easter egg hunt in July.

So we're introducing our fun side again with the perfect game for the summer holidays.

Find The Summer Cocktail - in each listing you will find a special promo code (yes, they're our favourite summer drinks) and one of the 6 special promo codes will get you an extra 35% off! Not all the drink codes will be valid.

There are only 6 codes to find (for now) find out a little about us as you search for the mystery cocktail.

Summers all about fun - so go on.... have a search and find the summer cocktail right now!

FYI we do not drink these all at once lol


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