April 2019 + Thank You To All Our Customers!

Well we went viral for a little bit. We found out one of our customers (Thank you so much btw!) was posting deals on a website called latest deals.

We had all sorts of customers checking us out and we thank you all! Every customer who visited us and especially our latest customers who bought items from us - It means a lot to us that you bought from a small independent store, we want to see you all soon once again!

So this month is another important month - We have offers, deals and vouchers to come so please keep your eyes peeled. We hope you spread our name to your families, friends and work collegues and if you feel you've seen one of our gifts somewhere else we will price match!

Remember that. We can't monitor every site on the web, but we're here to listen to our amazing Squish Gift customers.

One last thing.. Some of our new items ready to buy - Get into the shop and start checking them out!


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