A New Vibe

Hey everyone,

With everything happening around us and the world during this troubling time, we hope you're safe at home and keeping a distance when you're out.

While we've been in lockdown and with the spare time to stay at home, we really wanted to freshen things. Our website is such an important part of our business and as we near our two year anniversary - we wanted to create a new vibe, as we continue our growth.

Let's start with our logo (old). Our original logo made us. It was different, it had a sense of elegance and as a new brand, new business it's what people saw first.

To create a logo is difficult. You have to think of the products you have, the font matters, the styling, the shape and even the colour choice all comes in to play.

When we first started off we were a hamper business and that's where the name squish gifts came from. As time went on we expanded our reach with many different products not really associated with hampers. We started to evolve into a company - which began to have the perfect gift in one place for anyone.

In 2020 we've have introduced five new brands - Bubble-T, Nursem, The New You, Himalayan Salt Collection, Zero Waste Club + more brands to come in the next couple of months. We had to delay it due to what's happening.

The brands coming in soon are - omni | candles, Lisa Angel, Sassy Shop Wax, MadeEco and Transomina.

Okay, right back to our new look. So the designing our new logo -

It took us a couple of hours with many different styles, different shapes, but the main objective we wanted to achieve was make the name of our business stand out. Make it bolder, add some fun, but something that shouts at you which made our brand prominent. It's a lot to achieve lol.

We stuck by our roots and continued with our circle shape. Finding the perfect font was difficult there are THOUSANDS of fonts out there. We finally settled on our font as we wanted that 'boom' in your face font which stood out from a mile away. Different angles, trying to match the words, make it look different, should we make the font larger or smaller. We think we made around 15 different set of logos we had in mind which are below. So we finally decided on the one.

It took a bit of time to get used to it, but we followed through and started editing our website, changing fonts the look and the feel. A week full of editing and now we're live to what you see today.

We do not pay anyone to create our logos or design our website, it's all in house. We've now got a look which we can continue to use forever and hopefully everyone will remember Squish Gifts from looking at our logo. Well you'd hope so.. as there is nothing else other than Squish Gifts on the logo lol.

Read our next blog about GAINS! While we were re-designing our we website we wanted to engage with our growing customer base and they deserve their own space and.....

Thank you for reading :) We really hope you do like our new look and feel and we hope to see you soon again!


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