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Update - we're now back on Instagram - We're so glad we're up online and Instagram acknowledged this little mishap with an apology too. We will see you back on there with our daily quiz and new releases.


It's been a while since we did a new blog post but we had to mention this.

Instagram disabled our account on Saturday 20/03/21. They've stated we violated their terms. As a small business we have no idea how this could have possibly happened or if it's just that as a small page they can push us around as they saw a bit of growth and engagement on our page.

We've come to love the growth and interaction with you all as we pushed passed 2.4K of followers but we don't know if we will ever get it back.

They've asked us for information which we have provided and even a mugshot of myself to prove we're a real legit human being. It's sad that this has happened and we hope we will come back to Instagram shortly - so we can continue our daily quizzes and speak with you too.

Have a lovely week ahead and hope we see you on the gram soon!

A year we thought would be the big one, for so many things - A new decade to new beginnings. Not in a million years did any of us predict what a tough and unpredictable well lets say unprecedented year it turned out to be.

We've lost love ones, some of us have lost our jobs but we continued on like we do and stayed as strong as possible.

We thanked our amazing NHS service as well as Key Workers for all their efforts during lockdown and continue to do so now as the pandemic reaches another peak.

As a business your support really helped us this year and without you we wouldn't have been able to continue to grow and we want to thank every single customer who browsed our website, joined GAINS to making a purchase with us.

As a business we've done a lot to improve as well as to support our world. We have committed to planting a tree for every order made on our website no matter the value. We've continued our free UK delivery to help our customers and we've grown our catalogue and that wouldn't have been able to happen without all of you.

Let's hope we have a better 2021 - let's not dream too big but let's continue to be careful and hope for the best!

Happy New Year!

We're now closed until Christmas day. Weird right? Who works Christmas day? We do!

Our biggest ever Boxing Day Sale starts 25th December and we cannot wait!

From everyone from Squish Gifts we wish you a Merry Christmas and please stay safe.

See you soon.